Thought for the Day: Beauty is truth and truth is beauty. Root a toot toot and toot a toot rudy. --Anonymous
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This Book is For the Person I Love

Written as a Valentine’s gift, This Book is for the Person I Love is a long-hand calligrapher poem with symbols printed on handmade paper in Nepal.


Hear Christina read from her book Blood Eternal!

Chapter 52   ·  Chapter 53 


These poems were written during the outbreak of the corona virus in the United States. Some of them (the section ’Backstory’) were part of the turmoil leading up to this. Because people have responded to these poems, and because we need to relate to and express this extraordinary experience, I have chosen to make them available.

When we grow old


Lke Jack & the beanstalk

Goodness gracious, what an imposition!

More suicides? More overdoses?

It will filter down

The authorities

You can cover up your crimes

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